Monday, May 16, 2016

Rollover Pass: Shore Birds

My two favorite things about Rollover Pass were the terrific variety of birds and how little they cared about my car. As long as I stayed inside the vehicle and just shot out the window, I was just another part of the scenery to them while they scurried around looking for food. That proximity balanced out the impact of the cloud cover on the overall lighting.

Ruddy Turnstone, Rollover Pass
Male Ruddy Turnstone

Willet, Rollover Pass

Sanderling, Rollover Pass

American Oystercatcher, Rollover Pass
American Oystercatcher who clearly likes to accessorize.  Three bands!

Ruddy Turnstone, Rollover Pass
Female Ruddy Turnstone

Laughing Gull, Rollover Pass
Laughing Gull

Brown Pelican, Rollover Pass
Brown Pelican with sleeping Cormorants

I would definitely classify Rollover Pass as a target-rich environment.  And I hear that the nearby Yacht Basin Road and Texas City Dike are also wonderful.  That means I have two other places to visit when I return, because I'll definitely be back!

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