Saturday, November 16, 2019

Puerto Egas, Part IV

Our late afternoon hike along the intertidal zone of Puerto Egas gave us the opportunity to see a nice variety of plants and animals, both along the coast and slightly inland.

Lava Heron, Puerto Egas
This Lava Heron seemed to be looking for dinner.

Wright's Buckwheat, Puerto Egas
We simply did not see a lot of photogenic plant life throughout our entire visit.  Not sure if that's the way it always is, or if it had something to do with the time of year.  Regardless, this Wright's Buckwheat was about as interesting as it got.

Puerto Egas
This section of coast had a really interesting natural bridge.  Catching it in late afternoon was a nice bonus.

Unstable Paper Wasp, Puerto Egas
These paper wasps were busily working on their nest.  Our naturalist said they were an invasive species.

Finches, Puerto Egas
The iNaturalist community believe these are some sort of finch, but can't tell any more than that.  Neither can I.

Puerto Egas
A little surprised there isn't a sea lion sleeping anywhere in this scene.

Galápagos Land Iguana, Puerto Egas
Getting just a hundred yards in from the shore brought our first contact with the other species of iguana endemic to the islands, the Galápagos Land Iguana.

Isabela II, Puerto Egas
As our hike wound down and our ship came back into view, the late afternoon sun lit the Isabela II beautifully.

Puerto Egas
The way the light hit these trees really caught my attention, but I don't think I composed the shot as well as I could have.  Maybe moving closer to the trees to remove the foreground "junk" would have helped.  When I'm walking with a group, I sometimes feel rushed and don't think my shots through well enough.

In any event, our stop at Puerto Egas was definitely a rewarding one!

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