Sunday, June 5, 2011

Arches National Park, Part III

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Taryn and I got up at 5:00 Sunday morning to head into the park for the sunrise. A great little app from iFotoGuide tipped me off to a nice spot with a good early morning view of The Three Gossips and Sheep Rock, so we set up shop there and waited.

The moon slowly disappearing in the east.

The clear conditions didn't result in dramatic colors in the sky when the sun did breach the horizon, but the formations were nicely lit.

Courthouse Towers.

The Garden of Eden area was a tough place to photograph. It was hard to pick what to focus on, and scale was again an issue. It's hard to tell that these formations are so big that we saw two guys rope climbing one of them.

A nice guy from Boston tipped us off to an outcropping from which you could see Turret Arch through North Window. I'm glad he did!

Here's Turret Arch from a little closer up.

The names of some formations are a bit if a stretch, in terms of how much they actually look like what they're named after. Not so Sheep Rock.

The more photographs I take the more I appreciate how critically important the right light is. Courthouse Towers wouldn't probably look half as dramatic at a different time of day.

I couldn't find a name for this formation near the park entrance anywhere, so I'm going with Camel Rock.

The trip was a blast; we crammed an awful lot into essentially 12 hours in the park. Still, there were things we didn't see like Landscape Arch and Marching Men. No better excuse for another visit!


Orontes said...

The picture of Courthouse Tower is awesome. Great light. Do you post-process them at all?

SteveHarbula said...

As little as possible. Usually just the exposure and saturation a smidge, sometimes the sharpness. That one I didn't do much to at all.