Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Island Trail, Part I

On our recent trip to Cape Cod I carved out some time for a hike. A little research revealed that the Great Island Trail was the longest on the National Seashore, so that was the winner.

I had no idea there would be so many fiddler crabs. Goes to show how much I've forgotten about the Northeast after 14 years in Colorado.

I loved how menacing the males acted with their oversized claws ... right before they scurried back into their holes. :)

This was one of the less helpful signs I saw along the trail.

A single beach rose in bloom practically begged to have its picture taken.

Did I mention how many fiddler crabs there were? I'm afraid that on my way back after sunset I heard a few crunches under my boots. :(

I chose not to take the loop to the old Wellfleet Tavern site, since apparently there's just a sign saying "a tavern used to be here" and no cool ruins to see.

Walking through a pine forest made me feel right at home.

Late afternoon sun through the trees in the aptly named "Wooded Area" of Great Island.

I was excited when I initially spotted this stone monolith that it was some remnant from Pilgrim times. Then I saw the "1962" date near the bottom. Oh, well.

This red squirrel proved to be a little faster than my auto focus and shutter finger.

When I first saw this trail in the sand I thought it was from some sort of snake. Then I followed it to its maker. I should have known!

Click here for Part II.

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