Sunday, July 24, 2011

Great Island Trail, Part II

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The trail south from Great Beach Hill ended in another marshy area, with the beach and Cape Cod Bay beyond.

The birds were surprisingly skittish, not allowing me to get very close. This American Oystercatcher was an exception.

The southern tip of the trail was basically a sandbar, much of which was submerged at high tide. Here is where I basically turned west and returned up the coast.

That oystercatcher kept making itself an inviting subject for pictures.

There were actually two, both of which creepily seemed to be keeping an eye on me.

Then I found out why. Respectfully, I only took a couple of shots of the baby and moved on to soothe its alarmed parents.

I liked the interplay of the green seaweed in the foreground and green marsh vegetation in the background of this view.

The retreating tide left an almost hypnotic pattern in the sand.

Postcard shot time. Setting sun reflecting on the water, resting seagull adding to the overall tranquility of the scene.

This was unexpected, I think for both of us. I turned away from the sunset to see this young White-tailed Deer regarding me with some curiosity.

And just like that, the day came to an official end.

It took me about four hours to cover roughly six miles. Obviously the altitude and elevation change weren't factors like they can be in Colorado, but the humidity and soft sand added challenges I wasn't accustomed to. Still, well worth the effort!

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Orontes said...

Another great trip: thanks for taking pictures so I could come along.