Sunday, July 31, 2011

Chicago Lakes Trail, Part I

Taryn and Danelle were having a "Mommy & Me" day on Saturday, so I told Zak he and I were going for a hike. A long one. So we left the house before 7:30, stopped at Village Inn for breakfast and then headed to Echo Lake in the Mount Evans Wilderness Area to do the Chicago Lakes Trail.

Northern Bluet Damselflies were all over the place. Unexpected, and very cool.

The wildflowers were in full bloom all up and down the trail, like this Fireweed.

Zak on the shores of Echo Lake, steeling himself for the task ahead.

I had no idea that 9 a.m. was naptime for ducks.

Chicago Creek was still running pretty well, even all the way down at the crossing by the service road to Idaho Springs Reservoir.

Tansy aster.

Zak had the mouthpiece for his CamelBak in his mouth practically the whole time, like some weird reverse-scuba thing.

Snowfields are always a welcome sight on summer hikes, especially when you're in sandals.

I saw more columbines on this hike than any other I can remember. Easy to see why they're the state flower.

Click here for Part II.

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