Sunday, June 5, 2011

Arches National Park, Part II

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One thing you didn't find at Delicate Arch was solitude. We probably saw more people here than in the rest of the park put together.

Many rocks had a black coating known as desert varnish, a mixture of minerals and organic matter.

After heading back to Moab for a dip in the hotel pool and an early dinner, we returned to the park about 6:30 for cooler temperatures and the lighting benefits of the setting sun. Taryn took this shot of Park Avenue ...

... so named because the tall sandstone formations on either side of a dry wash look like skyscrapers flanking a thoroughfare.

An imposing monolith called simply The Organ.

Balanced Rock -- the park's most famous landmark after Delicate Arch.

Ham Rock, also shot by Taryn. I saw some differences of opinion online as to whether this or a smaller nearby formation is actually Ham Rock. This one looked more like a ham to me, so there you go.

The dead trees in the foreground are only a few feet tall and the structures in the background probably at least 10 times their size, but that scale gets lost a bit.

Balanced Rock again, this time with the sun just about to set behind us. Danelle and I are casting shadows on the bush in the middle of the picture.

Speaking of Danelle, she had the crazy idea that the best thing to take a picture of at sunset might actually be the sunset. So she did.

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