Saturday, June 28, 2008

Who Knew Sharp Metal Objects, Raw Meat and Boiling Oil at Your Table Could Actually Be a Good Idea?

I took Danelle to one of our favorite restaurants for her birthday tonight, The Melting Pot. Her mom was nice enough to watch the kids, who are still young enough to enjoy sleepovers at Nana's house.

The first time I ever went to a fondue restaurant was our first anniversary almost 16 years ago. When Danelle suggested it my response was, "Sounds good. Where are we going to eat afterwards?" I had no idea that sort of meal could actually be filling and satisfying, but all those little pieces of meat actually do add up to something substantive.

Then after we had kids we grew to appreciate another aspect of a fondue dinner -- how "adult" it is. And I don't mean that in a Skinemax way. The multiple courses, the liesurely pace as you cook your own food, the complete absence of crayons. It's nice to have a meal out that's not a race to see what gets to the table first -- tears, pee or the check.

They had an incredible salad that we always ordered that was essentially just a big plate of mushrooms and a sprinkling of lettuce with a special garlic & wine seasoning. It was taken off the menu, but they'll still make it when ordered. I love outstanding service to long-time customers like that.

Danelle got a little When Harry Met Sally with dessert tonight and asked to substitute dark chocolate for milk chocolate. Dark chocolate always make me thing of this kid I took Home Economics with in 8th grade, Billy Rivers. Dark chocolate made him sick, and he hated Home Ec. So on days he really didn't want to be there he'd bring one of those little Hershey's dark chocolate miniatures, eat it right at the start of class, puke a few minutes later and get sent to the nurse. And lucky me got to sit at his table.

Fortunately there was no puking tonight, though I think we were both stuffed enough to want to. Just a nice meal and good conversation with the woman I love, and nary a bendy straw in sight.

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