Saturday, May 13, 2017

Ennis Bluebonnets 2017: Critters

The flora was definitely the highlight of my road trip down to Ennis, as to be expected during a wildflower festival. But some fauna had their moments, too.

Common Buckeye on Indian Paintbrush
Butterflies also appreciate wildflowers, like this Common Buckeye on some Indian Paintbrush.

Eastern Bluebird with Meal
I saw this post along the side of the road and felt that it seemed like the place a bird would land on at some point.  After a few minutes, this Eastern Bluebird proved me right.  And he brought a snack!

Loggerhead Shrike on Barbed Wire Fence
I loved seeing a Loggerhead Shrike.  I would have loved it better if he wasn't partially in the shade of a nearby tree, and if he'd impaled a meal on the barbed wire fence.  But still ... Loggerhead Shrike!

Curious Calf
The curiosity of young animals is fantastic.  I'm much more likely to get a direct stare from a baby of just about anything than an adult.

Colorful Hay Bales Along Sugar Ridge Road
This critter defies classification.  I'm not entirely sure what would possess someone to go to this sort of trouble.  Then again, the fact that I stopped just to shoot it may provide my answer.

Easily my best photo trip to Ennis out of the three I've taken.  I can't wait to see if I can top it next year!

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