Friday, May 12, 2017

Ennis Bluebonnets 2017: Close-Ups

I'd already wandered around the wildflower field along FM 1181 near Ennis like a starving man at a Golden Corral, shooting from every angle I could come up with. With the sun climbing higher in the sky, the light was becoming less flattering for sweeping vistas. So I switched to my telephoto lens for some close-ups.

Indian Paintbrush

I'm not sure if this pink Indian Paintbrush was some sort of genetic variation or just a young version of the more widespread red flower.

Evening Primrose
I couldn't figure out why or how there could be so much dew still remaining on some plants and virtually none on adjacent others.

Evening Primrose
Nor do I understand why the Pink Evening Primrose held droplets to a much greater degree than the Bluebonnets did.

Evening Primrose
I love how some flowers close up at night and are only re-awakened by the sun's light.

Evening Primrose
I've seen recommendations to bring a spray bottle when shooting pictures of wildflowers to try and replicate this effect.  I'm pretty certain I couldn't pull this off with a spray bottle.

Texas Dandelion
I actually didn't believe this wildflower was simply known as a Texas Dandelion when I looked it up.  I had to check a second source for confirmation.  Sure enough, that's what it is.

I'm glad I was able to squeeze a little more beauty out of my trip by changing up my perspective!

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