Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Muleshoe Bend & Shaffer Bend

I had nice bluebonnet appetizer in Woodway Park near Waco to begin my late March road trip. But I had my sights set on a larger helping. I decided to roll the dice on Muleshoe Bend, which had been absolutely spectacular in 2015. There were no detailed reports yet for this season, but the area was just about to peak. So, why not?

Muleshoe Bend
I got into the recreation area nice and early.  Probably too early, but when you're shooting a sunrise too early is always preferable to too late.  I made my way to the banks of the Colorado River and looked for my bluebonnet quarry, once I'd captured the moon above the water.

Muleshoe Bend Sunrise
There were definitely bluebonnets.  Not scads and scads of them like two years ago.  But a nice, dense patch that also allowed for a good view of the rising sun.

Muleshoe Bend Sunrise
I am losing patience with lens flare, but I'm not sure what to do about it.  I had my camera body and lenses in for service just a month ago, but there's still something somewhere in the works that's causing those spots.  If I could control their appearance, I'd be a bigger fan.  Since I can't, they're starting to bug me.

Muleshoe Bend Bluebonnets
The patch being dense did afford for solid closeups.  Coupled with golden hour light, that's a pretty combination.

Shaffer Bend Yucca
Picturesque though the patch was, it didn't provide the scope and scale I'd hoped for.  So I drove back through Marble Falls across the river to the north side and hit Shaffer Bend, where a blooming yucca caught my eye.

Shaffer Bend Fire Hydrant
Sadly, Shaffer Bend was a complete bust from a bluebonnet standpoint.  I did spy this oddity on the side of the road, which counts for something.

Would my wildflower quest leave me blue?  Fortunately, I had other destinations still to check...

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