Tuesday, August 4, 2015

RMNP: July 2015 Miscellaneous Critters

The elk and the house wrens may have been the stars of my wildlife show during my day in Rocky Mountain National Park. But they had a fine supporting cast to work with, as well.

Red-naped Sapsucker, Rocky Mountain National Park
When I heard baby birds in a tree near the Fern Creek Trailhead, I waited patiently for a parent to reveal itself.  This Red-naped Sapsucker eventually did, flying back to the hole every several minutes with food for the hungry young mouths.  I shot this at 500 ISO, and really should have gone up to at least 1000 to give myself greater depth of field and/or a faster shutter speed.  But still not a bad capture.  The mosquitoes discouraged me from sticking around longer to take more.

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel, Rocky Mountain National Park
This Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel was eagerly stuffing his cheeks with dandelion leaves along the trail around Sprague Lake.

Golden-mantled Ground Squirrel, Rocky Mountain National Park
He seemed to think we were the show, as he watched us with something resembling mild amusement while he continued his meal.

Mule Deer Buck, Rocky Mountain National Park
I only saw one mule deer buck, antlers still in velvet.

Clark's Nutcracker, Rocky Mountain National Park
The low, thick clouds didn't deter the Clark's Nutcrackers at Rainbow Curve on Trail Ridge Road.  They still hung around hoping for handouts.

Clark's Nutcracker, Rocky Mountain National Park
It's a little-known fact that Dian Fossey started studying gorillas because "Nutcrackers in the Mist" just doesn't haven't the right ring to it.

Mule Deer Doe, Rocky Mountain National Park
Three mule deer does were grazing near Lake Irene.  This little gal looked slightly bedraggled.  A ranger appeared seemingly out of nowhere to admonish me for being too close to her while I was shooting, a notion I took some exception to.  But I still backed away a bit.

White-crowned Sparrows, Rocky Mountain National Park
Looking for moose in the Kawuneeche Valley, I instead found these two White-crowned Sparrows.  Even at 1000 ISO I couldn't get both of them in focus, despite them being virtually in the same plane.  I wonder if I should have really gone up even higher.  Probably, since a little graininess would have been worth it to have them both sharp.

One rainy day in RMNP, and 36 images of scenery, elk, house wrens and other critters I felt were good enough to share with the world.  Plus a head full of even more wonderful memories.  Can't beat a day like that. :)

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