Saturday, July 25, 2015

Scarp Ridge, Part I

July 5 was my day in Crested Butte for a solid solo hike. I decided to try the Scarp Ridge Middle Loop, listed as 4.6 miles roundtrip with about 1,500 feet of elevation gain, topping out at around 12,216 feet for a nice view of the surroundings.

The nice views started pretty early on the trail, with a good look at the Anthracite Range.

Overcast skies weren't doing much for the "wow" factor of the scenery.  But fields full of glacier lilies didn't hurt.

The clouds did add a little mystery to the sight of Apley and Purple Peaks.

The sun was poking through back down the East River Valley towards Mt. Crested Butte.

Hiking south along the ridge leads to Gunsight Pass and Mt. Emmons, a longer trek than I had in mind.

The clouds dissipated enough to reveal Mt. Owen, Afley Peak and Purple Peak more clearly.  Still a good amount of snow up there.

Having a tripod lets me put myself in the shot once in a while, which helps provide some nice context.

Picturesque cascades flowing down the face of the ridge eventually end up in Lake Irwin.

Clouds are always a boon when shooting running water, allowing for slow shutter speeds that provide that nice lacy effect.

I struggled a bit on the initial ascent before eventually finding my groove.  Seven months in Texas have definitely compromised my ability to function at altitude.  But three hours including time for pictures wasn't an unacceptable amount of time in which to complete the hike.  Check another one off the list of 65 Scenic Crested Butte Day Hikes!

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