Monday, July 27, 2015

Scarp Ridge, Part II

When I hiked Scarp Ridge back on July 5, the lower meadows weren't bursting with wildflowers yet like the Crested Butte area is known for. But upon reaching the higher elevations there were plenty to see in the alpine zone.

Glacier Lily
I'm not saying there were no wildflowers in bloom at all down low.  Glacier Lilies, not surprisingly, could be found in pockets of proliferation.

Marsh Marigold
A particularly wet meadow had a number of these, which I haven't been able to definitively identify.  Maybe Marsh Marigold, or Wild Rose?  It's the leaves that are throwing me off, which I understand are really the best way to ID a wildflower.

Alpine Sunflower
The summit was where the real show could be found.  Bunches of Alpine Sunflower, that I decided to shoot both bursting out of the frame ...

Alpine Sunflower
... and in a nice, orderly composition.

Moss Campion
Pink patches of Moss Campion ...

Silky Phacelia
... and purple stalks of Silky Phacelia.

Showy Fleabane
I've seen many different names for these daisies.  Showy Fleabane is probably my favorite.

Alpine Green Gentian
Not sure about this one, either.  It has a structure like what I've seen online of Alpine Green Gentian.  I shot it both in a cluster of four ...

Alpine Green Gentian
... and an isolated single stalk.

Rocky Mountain Columbine
And of course, there was Columbine.  I like this flower and its surrounding buds, but I didn't expose the shot ideally.  I've got to be more willing to jack up the ISO in low light.

A great hike, with both great vistas and more intimate beauty.

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