Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival: Various & Sundry

When you take more than 700 photos in roughly five hours -- as I did on April 18 during the Ennis Bluebonnet Trails Festival -- you end up with some that you really like that don't fit neatly into any sort of broader category. I wrap up my posts about the festival with those shots.

Spider Web, FM 660, Ennis
After shooting the sunrise I took FM 660 to connect to Union Hill Road.  As I was driving I was struck by a pair of large spider webs, covered in tiny water droplets from the previous evening's rain and glistening in the early morning sun.  Shooting the first one I thought the background might be too busy ...

Spider Web, FM 660, Ennis
... so I switched to the second, which had a slightly less intricate background.  I also like some of the weathering visible on the fence.

Spider Web, FM 660, Ennis
Then it occurred to me to zoom in on just a small section of the web.  I think this is my favorite, with so much visible detail in the silk strands and water droplets and no background distractions.

Union Hill Cemetery
Driving the length of Union Hill Road takes you past the Union Hill Cemetery.  I trudged through the soaking wet grass looking for some interesting old headstones, and wasn't disappointed.  This one appears to date back to 1891.

Union Hill Cemetery
I love how this one was carved to resemble a tree trunk.  The moss on it just adds to the effect.

Texas/US Flag Palette
Gotta love pride in your state, and nobody can boast more of that than Texans.  This palette is an interesting hybrid of the Texas and U.S. flags, and just set out in a field on someone's property in apparent declaration of their allegiance to both.

Union Hill Windmill
The Visitors Bureau trail map has this windmill marked on it, and for good reason.  It's a great photo opportunity in its own right.

Thoroughly satisfied with my inaugural trip to Ennis, and very much looking forward to returning for the 2016 festival!

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