Sunday, April 12, 2015

Big Bend National Park: Scenic Views

Big Bend National Park is a photo opportunity everywhere you look. From river to desert to mountain, the landscapes never stop showing you something beautiful. These views all made me glad to be alive, and honored to have the chance to drink them in.

Mules Ear Peaks, Big Bend National Park
Mule Ears Peaks are a unique formation, with a name clearly indicative of the time period in which they were discovered.  I can think of many things they resemble more than mule ears.  But by any name, they command your attention.

Burro Mesa Pouroff Trail, Big Bend National Park
The trail to the Burro Mesa Pouroff is a great chance to experience a desert canyon hike without having to get far into the backcountry.  It's just a mile roundtrip.

Burro Mesa Pouroff, Big Bend National Park
The pouroff itself is impressive even when dry.  I didn't realize it was possible to climb to that small cave about 15 feet up, and wish Zak and I had done it.

Chisos Mountains, Big Bend National Park
We really were blessed with gorgeous weather while in the park -- warm temperatures, and clouds that always added a little interest to the sky.

Balanced Rock Trail, Big Bend National Park
We wrapped up Tuesday with a hike to Balanced Rock -- our fourth hike of the day, which ended up totaling about 10 miles.  Doing several shorter hikes instead of one long one really gave us an opportunity to experience a great cross-section of the park.

Balanced Rock, Big Bend National Park
Balanced Rock itself lives up to its name.  We reached it just after the sun had descended below the ridge to our south, but still got a splendid scene.

I hope I get the chance to return to this gorgeous area.  But no matter how many times I do, I'll never forget this first visit with my son.  I hope he remembers it as fondly as I will.

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