Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Dromoland Castle: Part III

Part I | Part II

There was too much neat stuff from our second day at Dromoland Castle to squeeze into one post.  So here are the rest of the pictures!

Temple of Mercury, Dromoland Castle
The Temple of Mercury is a pretty neat structure up close.  Even if it does have a horse buried underneath it.

Temple of Mercury, Dromoland Castle
A sculpture of Mercury himself sits atop the structure, looking quite youthful.  The caduceus is nice attention to detail.

Below the temple is a lily pond called, appropriately enough, the Lily Pond.  This stone walkway leads out into the pond for no apparent reason.

A flowering lily, which even the flies found captivating.

The walled garden to the south of the castle was quite picturesque.

One of a few trellis-covered walkways surrounding the garden.  Everything about the grounds felt right out of the Chronicles of Narnia or a similar literary work.

Lots of moisture leads to a lush garden, and beautiful roses.

The sword seems like a regular perch for birds such as this jackdaw.

I still don't quite have shooting stained glass locked in yet.  The angles and contrast present challenges I still haven't solved.  But I'm not too disappointed with how this view from the north staircase turned out.

Really a wonderful start to our trip!

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