Friday, June 20, 2014

Backyard Beauty: June 2014

I don't have the most "natural" of scenery in my backyard. But I've got a few bird feeders, and they can bring some photogenic characters. So when I felt like shooting this afternoon I went the shortest distance from my home ever -- less than one foot out my patio door.

Mourning Dove
Mourning dove didn't get any closer than our neighbor's gutter.  CHICKEN.

This goldfinch comes around a lot.  I call him Groucho.  His wing and tail markings are cool, too.

"Seriously, I can't even LOOK at you when you talk with your mouth full."

"No, I don't use gel.  Why do you ask?"

House Finch
This male House Finch did keep a wary eye on me, lest I try to make off with any safflower seed I imagine.

The only reason the Mourning Doves even come around is because the finches are SUCH messy eaters.

Female Goldfinch
Right foot slightly off the perch, in case a quick getaway is needed.

Female House Finch
Honestly, I'm NOT going to take any of the safflower seed.  I swear.

Male House Finch
"Look, ma!  I'm a weather vane!"

A very relaxing and recharging half an hour just watching the finches come and go!

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