Monday, May 27, 2013

Roxborough State Park: May 2013, Part II

Click here for Part I.

The wildflower currently in the most abundance along the lower part of the South Rim Trail was most definitely Larkspur.  Not that there was anything wrong with that.  Its vibrant blue petals made you want to stop and take a picture of every patch.

Which we very nearly did...

Golden Banner
Some Golden Banner provided a nice change of pace.  The sun was still low enough to provide some nice backlighting, too.

Mule Deer
The volunteer naturalist leading our group did an excellent group getting us to focus on wildflower.  So good that we probably photographer that Golden Banner for at least five minutes before noticing the Mule Deer relaxing in the shade about 20 yards away.

Did I mention we saw a lot of Larkspur?  Because we did.

Sand Lily
A lone Sand Lily got us all excited.

Tent caterpillars
There weren't as many tent caterpillars as I'd seen at Mount Galbraith last spring.  Implies that the April snows didn't do them any favors.

Really a nice morning overall.  About 4.5 miles of hiking between the two trips, and got out just as the day was really starting to heat up.  I love having two state parks within 15 minutes of my house!

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