Sunday, June 10, 2012

RMNP: June 2012, Part II

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About four hours into my visit to RMNP I found myself near the top of Trail Ridge Road.

The view to the southwest from the Gore Range Overlook.

The view to the southeast from the same spot, with clouds gathering around Longs Peak.

A lone elk cow grazed well above treeline.

It seemed like there had to be better pickings down in the lusher valleys, but she didn't seem to be undernourished.

A mule deer buck enjoyed a spot more in line with what I was thinking, down by Moraine Park Visitor Center.

Looking south from around the Cub Lake trailhead toward Longs Peak, with the summit still playing peek-a-boo with the clouds.

Partly cloudy may be my favorite type of sky to shoot landscapes.  You can get interesting textures and formations that complement what's on the ground, and sometimes dramatic lighting like this view to the west through Moraine Park.

The setting sun bathing the summit of Thatchtop Mountain in bright light.

Clouds reflecting in Nymph Lake.  I love how different the lily pads look in the light and dark areas of the lake surface.

I had originally planned on shooting the sunset at Bear Lake, but after setting up there I didn't have a good feeling about how it was going to turn out.  The mosquitoes weren't helping, either.

So I packed up and booked it back down to Moraine Park, thinking the view to the west there could be good.  But that was also disappointing as there were no clouds in that direction so no real color in the sky.

Then I turned to the south and saw my shot.  I also figured out what my next photo gear investment might be -- a set of graduated neutral density filters so I get less contrast between the sky and ground in sunrise and sunset pictures!

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