Sunday, June 10, 2012

RMNP: June 2012, Part I

I took advantage of a free Thursday to head up to Rocky Mountain National Park. No hike or climb planned -- the day was all about meandering around and taking pictures.

Here are the fruits of nine hours of effort, though calling it "effort" makes it sound way more like work than it actually was. ;)

I hadn't even made it to Estes Park yet for this one -- these thistles were growing on the side of the road just past Lyons.

The moisture of spring definitely brings out vibrant colors, in trees both living and dead.

The waterfall at Alluvial Fan was flowing briskly.

I drove by Sheep Lakes a couple of times to see if any bighorns had come down for a drink, and was rewarded on my second stop by the presence of a young ram.

The view to the northwest from Sheep Lakes, with Mount Chapin on the right.

Does anyone else think the Clark's Nutcracker on the left is kind of wishing the one on the right would shut up already?  Just me?

These birds certainly weren't afraid of people.  At Rainbow Curve on Trail Ridge Road they would sometimes land too close for me to focus on them with my telephoto lens.

If I'd framed the shot of this one while he was sitting on the rock just a little higher, this could have been a really special image.  It didn't even occur to me that he would eventually take off, and that would present a nice opportunity.  Still pretty cool, but when you cut off part of the wings it's just not as good as it could have been.

Forest Lake in the distance.

Lava Cliffs.  Lots of contrast with the blue sky and white clouds, and the dark rock and white snow.

Click here for Part II.

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