Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gem Lake, Part I

Taryn and I drove up to Estes Park with plans to hike to Gem Lake from the Twin Owls Trailhead. We ran into a bit of a problem when we got there. Namely, the trailhead being closed. Of course I ignored the signs and drove to where the trailhead was supposed to be, only to have the property owner drive up and tell me kindly but firmly that the trailhead had been moved. I knew that there was supposed to be an easement through this ranch, but apparently that's no longer the case.

The good news is that the new trailhead is close by, and the hike to Gem Lake roughly the same distance.

Nobody dresses for a hike quite like Taryn.

Of course, a snack was in order about 50 paces in.

We got to one area that was oddly full of chickadees. I don't think we saw any others anywhere on the trail, but there must have been about 20 here.

The ascent to Gem Lake offered better and better views the higher we got.

Taryn continued a tradition from our little trip to Lair O' the Bear last year by finding an opportunity to write her name in the snow.

I'm not sure if this particular formation had a name, but I thought it was pretty striking.

The patterns in dead wood always appeal to me, too.

We were in no hurry. The sun was shining, the winds were mostly light and the scenery was just stunning.

Click here for Part II.

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