Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gem Lake, Part II

Click here for Part I.

Reaching Gem Lake meant it was time for a Fluffernutter break.

The "lake" was barely half the size of the unnamed pond in my own neighborhood. Still, it was a pretty setting.

No, the part of the trail Taryn's standing on isn't really a dangerous ledge. But it does sort of look like one.

I thought the different colors and textures of the lichen, the rock and the snow made for an interesting image.

Taryn lost her sunglasses, and right about here had abandoned hope of finding them. At least she decided to mope by an interesting rock.

But farther down the trail, some thoughtful hikers had apparently spotted them and set them where their owner would be sure to see them. Although Taryn did walk right past and I had to get her to turn around to notice them.

The crows are apparently eating well. This guy busted the branch he'd been sitting on when he took off.

A little rabbit grabbed a sliver of sunlight to stay warm.

A refreshing sight -- a squirrel that actually seemed wary of people and didn't come over to beg for food.

It took us about 2:50 to complete the 3.4 miles, followed by lunch in Estes Park. Just a terrific hike in gorgeous conditions. No better way to spend a late November Saturday!

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