Saturday, November 7, 2009

Lair o' the Bear 2009

The forecast for Saturday had promised beautiful weather all week, so a hike was definitely in order. Since Zak had a noon basketball game he couldn't come, but Taryn agreed to join me on a short trek at Lair o' the Bear Park near Morrison.

We did a counter-clockwise loop, starting along Bear Creek.

Not sure what this bush was, but the cottony material left by the burst seed pods seemed to make for a nice picture.

Look! Up in the sky!

Taryn found a perfect walking stick, and then realized it also made an excellent writing implement in the snow.

I like how she's taken to the outdoors. I guess being born in Colorado, it's something of a prerequisite.

This little outcropping wasn't nearly as treacherous as she makes it look.

I was surprised to find that the panic button on my key chain made my car horn beep from here.

There were some VERY slippery spots where last week's snow had melted and re-frozen.

I've never fly fished, but it seemed like a good day for it.

The rest room buildings were covered with boxelder bugs, presumably looking for a warm place to overwinter.

This is the picture you get when your five-year-old asks for the camera and then tells you to make a funny face.

It took us about 1:15 to do the loop, which seems to be roughly two miles. You can always either see or hear the traffic on State Highway 74 which takes away a bit from the experience. But all in all, a nice walk.

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