Sunday, June 6, 2010

Meyer Ranch Park

Despite living in Conifer for seven years, I'd never hiked the trails in Meyer Ranch Park. The kids and I fixed that yesterday.

Zak didn't remember coming here to sled. Understandable, since he was only three years old the last time we did.

Good to see those gymnastics classes paying off.

Lanceleaf Chiming Bells, I believe.

We found an empty bird's nest, which Taryn thought made a nice home for her pine cone.

Dead trees = art.

Art, I tell you!

But the new spring growth is equally captivating.

The songs of birds like this robin almost drowned out the sound of the traffic down on 285. Almost.

Heart-Leaved Arnica?

It took us an hour and a half to meander two miles around the Lodge Pole Loop Trail, which Taryn thought was "Large Pole." Understandable, given the size of the pine trees. But still cute. :)

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Orontes said...

Yea! I've missed your blog and photos! Summer seems to have arrived in Colorado.