Saturday, July 26, 2008

Photo Blog: Colorado Dragon Boat Festival

We took the kids to the Colorado Dragon Boat Festival today. It was the first time there for all of us -- the free admission and chance to experience some different culture seemed like a nice combination.

We made it in time to see the 75-foot dragon, which Zak and Taryn felt we needed to follow around for a while.

Kudos to anyone who volunteers to carry around a 75-foot dragon in 90-degree weather.

Young people in traditional costumes made for a colorful sight.

And I wasn't the only one with a camera who thought they were good photo subjects.

What would a festival be without face painting? Taryn decided to get the character for "dragon."

Zak was much more interested in getting a snow cone.

Spending the day on a kayak occasionally resetting finish line flags didn't look like a bad gig.

We only watched one actual race, but it was pretty obvious that the crew who was more in sync had a huge advantage.

If I'd known that the end of the race was marked by somebody crawling out onto the prow of the boat and stretching to grab a flag, my timing and position for this photo would have been MUCH better.

Not a bad way to spend a couple of hours on a summer Saturday. Pretty well-organized, active but not overly crowded. And it inspired us to order Chinese food for dinner tonight. We'll probably come again next year, but earlier so we can avoid some of the heat and catch some more races.

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