Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Buffalo Bill Grave, Museum and Trail

The weekly hike moved up a day, and we again kept things fairly light with a trip to Buffalo Bill's Grave & Museum. There's also a half-mile trail that connects to another trail that leads to the Lookout Mountain Nature Center we visited last week.

Compelling evidence that my children hate me. That lovely black spot between my front teeth is a piece of blueberry from my breakfast. I didn't find out it was there until Danelle told me at 4:30. Thanks, kids.

The whole dispute over where Bill should be buried was pretty interesting. I like to believe the allegation that The Denver Post bribed his widow to say that he wanted to be buried here. Zak thought the picture he took of this plaque in full sun was too bright from the glare, so he waited and took this one when the sky clouded over a bit. I thought that was pretty sharp.

"Daddy, this just looks backwards."

"What? Let me see that...

"That's your reflection, pal."

Hey, nobody's sharp ALL the time.

Zak thought some of the big pieces of quartz looked cool enough to photograph, so he did. I can't really argue with him.

I followed this guy through some tall grass for a while until he let me get close enough to take this. Insects are just so neat.

Zak looks like he should be flashing a gang sign. Taryn looks like she just wants to take a nap.

He huffed and he puffed, but he couldn't blow the seeds off.

"Can I just hit them off with my hand?"

"No, buddy."

This bumblebee on a thistle reminded me of a clown fish in a sea anemone.

The end of the Buffalo Bill Trail where we turned around.

The kids were oddly amused by playing with some horse manure with what they called their "poop rakes." I wish they showed a similar interest in cleaning up after Kimi.

Wild geraniums, I think.

Some Beebalm hosting a couple of guests.

Overlooking Golden from the...uh...overlook.

Nice view to the northwest, with Centennial Cone in the middle distance.

Taryn had much better trail-mix etiquette than Zak. She took a fistful and ate whatever she got. He fished through for nuts and chocolate.

We ended at the museum, which was pretty good. The best part of the kid's section was definitely all the great Western clothes they could try on. They even had a ledger of every place Buffalo Bill's show had performed, and I was shocked to see my little hometown of St. Johnsbury, Vermont on the list!

Another fun three hours, and probably overall the equal of last week. More historical significance and better vistas, but the kids were more engaged in the Nature Center than the museum and last week's hike being longer was a plus. I do recommend it for families looking for something different and inexpensive to do over summer vacation. The scenic drive up the winding Lariat Loop is great in and of itself.

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