Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Hope The Big Green Turn Out Better Hand Surgeons Than Hockey Players

Short and early post today. I'm a bit preoccupied with my upcoming wrist surgery later this afternoon. This morning at 7:00 was the last time I could eat or drink anything, so I'm just going to get surlier as the day goes on. Nice combo with my increasing anxiety. Is it wrong that I really wanted to lick the leftover cottage cheese off of Taryn's lunch plate?

If my anesthesiologist allows it I'm thinking about just getting the arm block and staying awake during the procedure. She assured me if I go that route that I won't be able to smell my own burning flesh as they drill into my bones. I remain skeptical. Staying conscious through your own surgery seems like it would be a pretty interesting experience, though after two c-sections Danelle might have a dissenting opinion.

I did a little online research on the doctor doing the surgery and found out he went to Dartmouth. So I feel good about his education, but I also want to yell at him that his hockey team sucks. I'll try to resist that urge until after he's done cutting my arm open.

Thoughts and prayers for a successful procedure and speedy recovery are certainly welcome. Assuming I'm coherent enough I should resume normal posting tomorrow. If I'm not I may post anyway. That could be REALLY entertaining.

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