Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's Not Like It's a Planet Any More Anyway

Taryn and Zak didn't really bond with each other until about a year ago. When they played together before then, they didn't really play "together." They just kind of played in the same area. Even when they were playing with the same stuff, they were more like two planets circling the same sun but whose orbits never actually crossed.

But eventually they did start to do things that involved actual communication and cooperation. Still, it's funny how different their respective frames of reference can be sometimes.

For instance, they went through a phase where they would both head straight for the swings when we went to the little playground in our neighborhood. They'd get on swings right next to each other, and once they got to swinging high enough they'd take turns kicking off their shoes to see how far they'd go.

One day Zak kicked one of his off first, and as it sailed through the air he hollered, "I can kick my shoe past the moon!"

He then kicked off his other shoe, which traveled past where the first had landed. He yelled gleefully, "I can go past PLUTO!"

Taryn thought this new addition to the game was great fun. Not to be outdone, she sent one of her little shoes flying and shouted, "I can go past DONALD!"

I guess the Disney people are just doing a better job branding to four-year-old girls than the astronomy folks.

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