Sunday, June 4, 2017

Post Oak Park: June 2017

I took a little time this afternoon to look for some suburban wildlife at one of my favorite local spots, Post Oak Park. The more often I go out to shoot, the less pressure I feel to get something amazing, and the more relaxing of an experience it usually is.

Blue Dasher, Post Oak Park
Dragonflies were thick around the ponds, especially Eastern Amberwings and Whitetail Skimmers.  The best pose I got was from this Blue Dasher.

Cottontail Rabbit, Post Oak Park
I saw a bobcat cross the path, but by the time I got to the spot where it headed into the undergrowth along a game trail it was well out of sight.  Shortly thereafter I came across a small cottontail sitting in the grass just a few feet from the more overgrown area the bobcat had entered.  I sat and watched it for a while until it felt comfortable enough with my presence to give a lazy stretch.

Cottontail Rabbit, Post Oak Park
When the clouds parted, the little rabbit began to silflay.  Is it wrong that I use words from Watership Down to describe things that actual rabbits do?

Swift Setwing, Post Oak Park
 I've found a little trail in the marshy section of the park that leads to an overlook of a sluggish stream.  The turtles always hear me coming before I can see them; I hear their splashes as they dive off logs.  Dragonflies like this Swift Setwing are less perturbed, and I'm able to get a unique angle on them.

Fox Squirrel, Post Oak Park
A pair of young fox squirrels were alternating between chasing each other and sprawling in the shade to rest.  This one also wanted to make sure I wasn't a threat, which he seemed assured I was not.

Red-eared Slider, Post Oak Park
Like I mentioned earlier, turtles tend to evade me by diving underwater before I get into range to take their pictures.  This small Red-eared Slider had its back to me, and ignored the flight of its compatriots to continue sunning.  That enabled me to get into good position and just wait for it to turn its head, which it was kind enough to do.

I spent a thoroughly relaxing hour in the park before the clouds that have dominated most of the weekend returned.  And I'm just as pleased with what I saw and the shots I got!

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