Friday, October 21, 2016

White Rock Lake: October 2016

This past Sunday was the first time in nearly three months that I left the house with my camera. THREE MONTHS!!  That's how much I enjoyed going through my shots from our July trip through Arizona and Utah.  I didn't need to get any new ones to scratch my photo itch.  But alas, the images eventually ran out and I was forced to seek new ones.  So off I went to White Rock Lake, in search of a sunrise and birds.

White Rock Lake
Aaaannnddd I pretty much went 0-for-2.  The clouds were just a touch too thick at sunrise for the color I was hoping for.  I did capture a little predawn tranquility at Sunset Bay anyway.

White Rock Lake
When the clouds did start breaking up, I focused my attention to the north.  I liked using the corner of the dock as a foreground anchor on a line of thirds.

White Rock Lake
Coots eventually started gathering, which gave me an excuse to switch to a landscape orientation to include them in the scene.  I wasn't about to lose that anchor point, though.

Pelicans at White Rock Lake
The pelicans stayed a good distance out.  Another photographer told me that several years ago they used to hang out much closer to shore, but the logs on which they perched had been removed.  Bummer.

White Rock Lake
I was also hoping for the leaves to be turning, so I suppose that made me 0-for-3.  But solar flare, a wooden bridge, and a reflective creek are still photogenic.

Not what I'd hoped for, but not a complete shutout either.  So I choose to see this glass as half full and call it a win!

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