Thursday, June 9, 2016

LLELA: June 8, 2016

Wednesday morning was time to scratch my photo itch. Lord of LLELA Michael Fox had shared a great shot of a Painted Bunting, and having never taken one myself that became my goal. So I found myself at the Bittern Marsh Trailhead around 10 a.m. heading off in search of my winged quarry.

Butterfly, LLELA
I'll spoil the ending now: no Bunting for me this day.  I saw an Indigo, but didn't get a shot of it.  Fortunately, there are other things with wings in the North Texas wild besides birds, like this butterfly that I simply don't have the inclination to try and properly ID.

These tiny objects on the trail interested me.  Eggs?  Fungi?  I'll be enlisting some help on this one.

Common Whitetail, LLELA
The dragonflies on this day were by far the best subjects.  Abundant, made me work a little to get good shots of them but not too much, and when I did get in position they generally sat still, like this Common Whitetail.

Common Whitetail, LLELA
Another Common Whitetail.  The wings look like they have tiny electric lights running through them.

Familiar Bluet, LLELA
This Familiar Bluet has the friendly visage of a Pixar character.

Common Whitetail, LLELA
Another Common Whitetail.  I wasn't trying for species variety so much as clear views and uncluttered backgrounds.  On both counts, the Whitetails carried the day.  (EDIT: Fox adds that this is a female.)

Jade Clubtail, LLELA
Jade Clubtail who I believe is enjoying a small meal.  The meal, for its part, is enjoying it less.

Water Lily, LLELA
The boardwalk leading to the high blind passed a single blooming water lily.

Eastern Pondhawk, LLELA
Eastern Pondhawk.  I love the neon colors and ferocious name of these.

Great Blue Heron, LLELA
Walking the river portion of the trail brought me near a number of egrets and herons.  And as in my past experience, none were interested in letting me get close enough for a decent shot.  I was fortunate to catch this Great Blue Heron in flight as it, too, chose to flee my presence.

Common Whitetail, LLELA
One last Common Whitetail.  (EDIT: Fox adds that this is a mature male.)I'd done the 2.1-mile loop by noon, and the heat in turn had pretty much done me in as well.  It's not even summer yet, but the midday temperatures in North Texas are already something I don't want much part of.  Any local photo excursions of mine over the next few months that involve any appreciable amount of walking will likely be around sunrise or sunset!

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