Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Flower Mound

My friend Phil Plank had the great idea to organize a photo walk for the Flower Mound's Nature Facebook group. So it was that about 20 of us found ourselves on the actual Flower Mound this evening, learning about the native prairie and seeing what shots we could find on this 12-acre patch of it.

We're still a little early for wildflowers to be blooming in abundance.  Even so, there were plenty to capture.  I'm afraid I don't know them as well as I should, but thanks to the Facebook group I was reminded that this is Prairie Verbena.

There was some uncertainty as to this one.  I forget that the leaves are often important in an accurate ID, and I often crop them out of my photos because they're not as pretty as the flowers.  Prairie Groundsel seemed the most popular choice, but Engelmann's Daisy and Roundleaf Ragwort were also suggested.

I always find burst seed pods interesting.

Bluebonnet, The Flower Mound
Another case of not noticing everything in a picture until I get home and see it on the computer, in this case the little insect hiding amidst the flowers.

Bluebonnets are not native to the North Texas prairie.  Even so, some have been planted outside the fence along the road because people like 'em.  Some didn't get the memo that they weren't supposed to be on the actual mound and had snuck inside.

Damselfly, The Flower Mound
One small damselfly remained motionless long enough for me to squeeze off a couple of shots.

This spider web seemed pretty intricate.  The builder was nowhere to be seen.

I spotted this Scissor-tailed Flycatcher from a ways off.  Their long, split tails are pretty distinctive.

Eastern Bluebird, The Flower Mound
I couldn't get quite close enough to this fellow for a positive ID, but I believe he's an Eastern Bluebird.  The shot is unfortunately heavily cropped.

Foxgloves, The Flower Mound
Foxgloves are a flower I'm always able to identify, and happy to see.

I stopped to shoot this plant because I liked the backlighting.  Through my viewfinder I then noticed all the activity going on, between the flies up top and the spider down low.

It was great to meet a number of people whose pictures I've enjoyed and admired.  Everyone seemed to have fun enjoying a warm spring evening and spending some time with other folks who appreciate the natural beauty we have in our town!

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