Saturday, August 8, 2015

Gothic Road, July 2015

Being known as the Wildflower Capital of Colorado is a distinction that carries a certain amount of responsibility. Mainly, having a lot of beautiful wildflowers. On our visit to Crested Butte last month, Gothic Road was doing the heavy lifting to prove the area worthy of the honor.

Gothic Road
A gorgeous meadow full of Alpine Sunflowers was a popular photo spot.  Cars lined both sides of the road as folks with everything from cell phones to five-figure DSLRs captured the scene.

East River Valley
Turn around, cross the road, and you had this view down the East River Valley.

Alpine Sunflower, Gothic Road
There's something about the way these flowers open themselves up to the sun that just says "summer."

East River, Gothic Road
The river was still running briskly.  If I'd gotten there earlier or had a neutral density filter, I could have gotten a silkier look to the water.

Gothic Mountain
Great clouds always help.  I love the drama they add to this view, while still also allowing plenty of sunlight.

I guess Crested Butte gets to keep its title. :)

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