Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lake Isabelle, July 2015

Seeing the bull moose at Brainard Lake had already made my day. And time remained for a hike to one of my favorite spots, Lake Isabelle. So with a glad heart, beautiful skies and absolutely no pressure to capture an image to make the day worthwhile, I set off.

Lake Isabelle Trail
South Vrain Creek was deep and blue and -- it almost goes without saying -- picturesque.

Lake Isabelle Trail
A forest cascade running into the creek presented the right combination of light and shadow.

Lake Isabelle Trail, Mount Albion
One of many small ponds along the trail provided a beautiful reflection of Mount Albion (I believe).

Shoshoni Peak, Lake Isabelle
The lake itself delivered as it always does, with Shoshoni Peak rising proudly from the western shore.

Lake Isabelle
The midday light proved vibrant rather than harsh.  And a gentle breeze produced enough ripples on the water to be interesting without completely marring the reflection.

South Saint Vrain Creek, Lake Isabelle Trail
I love the view back down the valley you get when you stand right where the lake drops into the creek.

Lake Isabelle
Of course, the view of the cascade itself is also pretty nice. 

Lake Isabelle
This is a big image for me -- my first successful stitched panoramic.  I have things I want to improve, but I'm excited about how it turned out and eager to try more.

Lake Isabelle Trail
Rocky steps helping contribute to a smooth mountain morning.

Indian Paintbrush
A winged visitor buzzes some Indian Paintbrush.

Rocky Mountain Columbine
A lone Columbine faces the sun.

Moose, landscapes, wildflowers -- everything I could want from a Rocky Mountain summer day!

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