Saturday, May 16, 2015

Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area: May 2015

The sun wasn't scheduled to make an appearance today, so I didn't think I'd make it out to shoot any pictures. But when the clouds broke a little bit around 3:00 this afternoon, I decided to make a run over to the Lewisville Lake Environmental Learning Area just to see what I could see.

Like Hagerman, our heavy spring rains have put much of this place under water. Egrets and herons were present, but too far off for me to get any decent shots. But that doesn't mean I didn't find other subjects!

Widow Skimmer, LLELA
A type of dragonfly I'd never seen before -- a female Widow Skimmer.

Bumblebee on Thistle, LLELA
Bumblebee on a thistle.

Eastern Phoebe, LLELA
Bird on a wire!  Specifically an Eastern Phoebe, I believe.

Winecup, LLELA
Winecup, which was growing in thick patches.

Ladybug, LLELA
Ladybug on a stalk of grass.

American Swallowtail, LLELA
Black swallowtail on a thistle.

Monarch Butterfly on Coneflower, LLELA
My first Monarch, enjoying some coneflower in the prairie garden by the Cicada Trail head.

Red Admiral on Cornflower, LLELA
The coneflowers also attracted some Red Admirals.

Monarch Butterfly on Coneflower, LLELA
The Monarch stuck around for a while, so I just kept shooting it as it moved from flower to flower.

Red Admirals and Spider on Cornflowers, LLELA
I rushed to get a shot of these two Red Admirals on adjacent coneflowers, not even noticing the spider until I reviewed my shots on my computer.

Monarch on Cornflower, LLELA
One more of the Monarch, mainly because I like the coneflower trifecta.

Mushroom, LLELA
With wet weather you get mushrooms, sometimes big ones.

Harvestmen, LLELA
I walked the Cicada Trail and noticed something unusual under a trail sign, which turned out to be a mass of Harvestmen.  I didn't know they hung out in big groups like this.

I also ran into a bobcat and armadillo during the afternoon.  But the bobcat bounded away before I could get a shot and the armadillo was foraging in tall grass.  I enjoyed seeing them, even if I couldn't get photos.

Back in January on my first visit to LLELA, I was looking forward to coming back when there was more water.  Now, I'm hoping for less!

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