Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Kountze and Harriman Lakes

I felt like seeing someplace I hadn't been before today, so I headed up to Kountze Lake at Belmar Park. I'd seen some amazing shots by members of the Front Range Wildlife Photographers Facebook group and Mile High Wildlife Photography Club from the spring and summer of herons and avocets there. I knew those would be long gone by now, but thought I might catch some interesting waterfowl.

I think this is a male house finch like I get in my backyard.  Somehow he looked more impressive in a more natural setting.

Downy Woodpecker, Kountze Lake
A couple of Downy Woodpeckers were vigorously searching a couple of trees.  They move so quickly I had a hard time getting them in focus and clear of intervening twigs.

Northern Shoveler, Kountze Lake
This Northern Shoveler kept a wary eye on me while appearing to be at rest.

Canada Goose, Kountze Lake
Morning yoga.

Mallard, Kountze Lake
Mallards are always thoughtful enough to provide solid poses at a decent distance.

Northern Shovelers, Kountze Lake
The shovelers preferred to stay a little farther out.

American Coot, Harriman Lake
I chatted with a birder who suggested I head over to Harriman Lake if I was looking for more waterfowl, so I did.  The larger body of water gave the birds the opportunity to generally stay too far away from shore for me to get respectable shots.  But this American Coot came up on the ground to show off its freaky legs.

American Coot, Harriman Lake
These birds look a bit prehistoric with their large, green, scaly feet.  I was just grateful this one foraged on land for a while.

Not my best outing in terms of sightings or shots, but still nice to explore some new areas!

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