Sunday, August 17, 2014

Fishbone in Crested Butte: Part II

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Embarrassing confession time: I got to the venue right when the doors opened at 9:00.  I walked into the stage area and it was vacant except for one guy sitting on the side.  I figured he was a big fan like myself, so I struck up a conversation.  I told him I'd first seen Fishbone in 1991, figuring he'd be pretty impressed with my lengthy history following the band.  He asked if I'd gotten good pictures of Angelo and Norwood, which I replied enthusiastically that I had.  He just laughed and said I probably didn't have any of him, then introduced himself as drummer John Steward.

Like I said.  Embarrassing.  Steward has only been with the band FOR 16 YEARS.

He let me off the hook by saying nobody ever recognized him since he was in the back behind everybody else with no lights on him.  And my collection from Frisco in 2012 didn't have him in it.  But I made a point to get him this night.

John Steward, Fishbone at Eldo Brewery
And he noticed.  He was right that it was tricky to get a clear shot of him with adequate lighting, though.

Rocky George, Fishbone at Eldo Brewery
Guitarist Rocky George turned in his typical solid performance.

Paul Hampton, Fishbone in Crested Butte
New keyboardist Paul Hampton, formerly of The Skeletones, spent most of the show with his dreadlocks flying around.

Angelo Moore, Fishbone in Crested Butte
I'd done a five-mile hike and played tennis earlier in the day.  But I think Angelo may still have burned more calories performing.

John Steward, Fishbone in Crested Butte
I chatted briefly with Steward again after the show and promised I'd always remember him now.  He was very cool and gracious about the whole thing.  And I am a huge dork.

Rocky George and Jay Armant, Fishbone in Crested Butte
George seemed to be genuinely enjoying himself, as Jay Armant helped out on vocals.

Angelo Moore, Fishbone in Crested Butte
Moore still works a crowd like a puppet master.

Rocky George, Fishbone at Eldo Brewery
A smile from George.

Angelo Moore, Fishbone at Eldo Brewery
I've seen Fishbone in college auditoriums, outdoor amphitheaters and tiny bars.  They never let the size of the venue or crowd negatively impact their performance.  Before about a hundred people at the Eldo, they still gave their all.

Angelo Moore, Fishbone at Eldo Brewery
When the set was over, there was no encore.  Instead they announced that they'd be back in a few minutes for an entire second set.  I quickly went and stashed my cameras in my car and came back to just enjoy the music -- nearly 2 1/2 hours' worth when all was said and done.  And the whole band came out to spend some time with the audience afterwards.

A late night as usual when seeing Fishbone.  But a rewarding one, also as usual.  They never disappoint live.  Hopefully I have the energy to keep seeing them as long as they have the energy to keep touring!

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