Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crested Butte: March 2014

When I got home from my trip to Crested Butte in January, I knew I wanted to get my family out there for a visit to see if they liked the area as much as I did. This past weekend was that opportunity. And while most of my time was spent relaxing with them, I managed to sneak in a few outings to shoot some pictures.

Our drive out on Friday was overcast, and snow fell for most of Saturday.  Then suddenly the sun broke through late in the afternoon, and I hopped in the car and drove around looking for striking views.  The first stop was the end of Slate River Road, where the mix of low sun and billowing clouds created a dramatic scene.

Whetstone Mountain
Whetsone Mountain from the north shore of a frozen Nicholson Lake looked stunning under its blanket of fresh snow.

Red Lady (I believe) shrouded in clouds with the Slate River running through the foreground.

Dormant aspens line a snow-covered ridge.

Last light from the Brush Creek Trailhead ...

Whetstone Mountain
... and first light the next morning illuminating Whetstone Mountain.

The sun prepares to break the horizon.

Mist rises off the Slate River.

I'm so entranced by the amount of beauty you can easily see in such a small area.  And I'm equally intrigued by how it feels like there are truly unbelievable scenes to be found with a little effort and time.  Time and effort I am very much looking forward to investing. :)

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