Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Badlands National Park: Window & Notch Trails, Part I

It was just past 9:00, and I'd already shot the sunrise and hiked one of the trails I'd planned to do. Next up were the other two trails accessible from the same parking area as the Door Trail -- the Window and Notch Trails.

Badlands Wall
With what little color existed in the bleak landscape already starting to wash out as the sun climbed in the sky, black and white seems like a better option for presenting most of the scenery.  It really helps shift your focus to things like contrast and texture.

Badlands Wall
What I initially thought was the Window Trail actually wasn't.  It was just a lightly traveled path to another break in the Badlands Wall.  But one with a view worth seeing.

Badlands Wall
The soft pinks, purples and yellows of this view through the Wall justified preserving the image in color to me.

Badlands National Park
Likewise the oranges on this cactus.  In a landscape such as this, a little color really stands out.

Badlands National Park: Window Trail
I did finally find the actual Window Trail.  It has a boardwalk.  And it leads to this view.

Badlands National Park: Notch Trail
I'll say this for South Dakota.  It has helpful signs.

Badlands National Park: Notch Trail
The Notch Trail goes through some really captivating scenery.  Very much a place where an Old West outlaw could hole up and avoid the long arm of the law for quite a while.

Badlands National Park: Notch Trail
The wispy clouds help add even more texture to a scene that was already bursting with it.

More to come!

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