Monday, August 19, 2013


Danelle and I made a quick dash to Cancun for a long weekend in celebration of our anniversary. That's 22 years if you're counting.  Hoping the next 22 are just as good. :)

Anyway, I told her I wouldn't bring my camera so we could just relax together.  But she wanted me to take some pictures of the resort for her new side gig, Wayfinder Travel.

Well, since I had it with me ...

Palms at night, swaying in a light breeze with a long exposure.

Cancun sunrise
Awaiting sunrise on the beach.  Trekked a good distance to find a nice solitary palm for the foreground.  Totally worth it.

Cancun sunrise
The low clouds in the distance obscured a real "breaking the horizon" moment.  Next best thing was seeing a nice solar flare from behind some closer clouds.

Monarch butterfly
I wish this butterfly was a Monarch.  I'm pretty sure it's not, but I'm just too lazy to do the research to confirm.

UPDATE: A quick trip to BAMONA seems to indicate that it is actually a Gulf Fritillary.  Teh Interwebz win again.

How many coatis roamed the resort property?  So many that they had their own caution signs on the road!

The resort had its own private nursery, which included nice ornamental plants like this one.

Black iguana having lunch.

I imagine the sea gulls find this notion of a "protected" sea turtle nest amusing when the youngsters hatch and head to the ocean.

Highlight of a long afternoon walk was this Peregrine Falcon, who watched me approach with mild interest.

Turkey vulture
Turkey vultures occasionally soared overhead.  Frigate birds, too, but I couldn't get a decent shot of them.

One of the aforementioned coati!  I was stealthily tracking this one on our last morning, feeling like quite the wildlife photographer, when a resort staff member saw me and tossed a couple of small pastries onto a nearby cart path.  No fewer than EIGHT of the little buggers came swarming out of the underbrush to try and snatch them up.

Marlin Perkins I am not.

An agouti, who grosses Zak out for some reason.

It was great to learn that "all-inclusive" meant fun photo opportunities and not just margaritas!

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