Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red, White & You 2013

A sure sign that your kids lead interesting lives -- they turn down the chance to go see fireworks.  Seriously, both Taryn and Zak were "meh" at the thought.  When I was their age, going to see fireworks was a big deal.

A sure sign that you're getting old -- starting sentences with "when I was their age."

Anyway, just because they didn't want to go didn't mean I couldn't.  Through my friends in the Denver Photo Hikers I'd gotten some great tips on how to best to shoot fireworks from the Capital Photography Center and Illuminate Workshops.  I put them to the test at Foothills' Red, White & You event at Clement Park last night.  And I'm not disappointed in the results!

This face looked much less sinister in real-time.

Happy birthday, America!


Orontes said...

These are really great photos. Hope Maine and NY treated you well.

SteveHarbula said...

Thanks! Only one Friendly's stop so far, which is nowhere near as many as I'd expected. :)