Wednesday, April 10, 2013

South Platte Park: April 2013

It had been way too long since my last visit to South Platte Park.  So with mostly clear skies all afternoon this past Sunday, I grabbed my camera gear around 6:00 and decided to make a quick trip over.

Right when a big, gray cloud perched in front of the setting sun.

Oh, well.  When life gives you lemons, right?

South Platte Park
The light was fairly flat and the vegetation not all that vibrant.  But some other clouds helped create an interesting view down the river.

Red-winged blackbirds
Red-winged blackbirds were preparing to roost for the night.

American Kestrel
An American Kestrel glided by me with what I was thought was some nest material in its talons.  I followed it to a nearby tree only to discover that what I was thought was a strand of grass was actually the tail of its dinner.

Dragged Zak and Taryn back for a quick afternoon visit two weeks later, and finally saw signs that spring was coming.  More than a month after it officially started, and much later than last year when by this time the trees were already pretty well leafed out.  But I suppose that's what a cold, snowy April gets you.

Cattails in South Platte Park
The cattails had yet to get the memo.

Canada Goose in South Platte Park
And neither had one poor Canada Goose.  We've got a bunch in our neighborhood, but I never see them alone.

Looking forward to getting back again when things are hopefully a little greener!

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