Tuesday, December 11, 2012

TrailMark: December 2012

With the forecast calling for some snow this past Saturday night, I set an early alarm Sunday morning to get out and see what a fresh coat of white would do to the neighborhood.  It was only a few inches, but still made the holiday directions at the entrance look that much more festive in the predawn light.

The skies were still overcast, which didn't provide any spectacular colors in the sunrise.  So the lights in the trees had to make up for it.

The domestic hybrid ducks in Fairview Reservoir were the only ones interested in coming over to see if I had any food.  I needed a long exposure in the low light, which ended up providing an interesting soft motion blur on the birds.

We don't have quite as many waterfowl hanging out as we did back around Thanksgiving, but there was still a decent crowd taking advantage of our hospitality.

The smaller reservoir has more vegetation around its perimeter and more ice forming around the edges, so a slightly different look but with just as much wintery goodness.  Even though it's not actually winter yet.

I didn't take many different shots, but instead spent more time than usual in the same spots adjusting shutter speeds, changing the polarizing filter and so on to get slight variations looking for the best one.  I actually spent an hour and a half at just three different locations, none more than a mile from my front door.  Hopefully I can get an actual hike in sometime soon, but until that happens I sure am grateful to have so much convenient inspiration! 

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