Wednesday, September 5, 2012

RMNP: September 2012

We did a Front Range trifecta over Labor Day Weekend with my mom and her husband in town -- Boulder Falls on Saturday, Garden of the Gods on Sunday and Rocky Mountain National Park on Monday.  Taryn found the first thing to climb on when we stopped at Alluvial Fan.

All the rocks made the Alluvial Fan area easily the kids' favorite part of the trip.  They even remembered they like each other long enough for a picture together!

I have a bit of a hard time understanding where the water comes from for things like Fall River when there's clearly no snow on the mountaintops.

My mom's husband Michael also found the falls photogenic.

It takes a shutter speed of 1/1000th of a second to freeze the action of the falling water and reveal some of the mesmerizing patterns in it.

Zak has still not shown any improvement in his ability to smile on request.

Less than five minutes after the previous picture, a little snow squall blew through the Alpine Visitor Center area.  We blamed my mom, since on her last visit to RMNP we got caught in a full-fledged whiteout on Trail Ridge Road and had to turn around.  This one went through pretty quickly and didn't amount to much, but did provide yet another sign that fall is nearly upon us!

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