Saturday, September 22, 2012

Adams Falls

Decided to go to Grand Lake today just because we never had to see what was there.  Found an awesome town, a gorgeous lake and surprisingly (OK, not really) a great little hike!

It was fun to sneak into RMNP from the west side, too.  Like being let in on some terrific secret, even though it's not really a secret because everyone obviously knows Grand Lake exists.

What people may not know, however, is that it doesn't take much longer from Denver than getting to the east side does.  Just over two hours.  Even so, the kids weren't thrilled about going until they found some rocks to climb on.  It's amazing how that still works.

The walk to Adams Falls is only about a third of a mile and not especially steep.  And the falls themselves aren't all that big, but still nice.

This was really about the tiniest taste of what the west side of the park has to offer that we could probably get, and it was the perfect amount for us today.

The turning aspens seemed to add a little something special to what's undoubtedly a beautiful area any time of year.

And we did make a point to get down to the actual lake.  Well, at least Taryn and I did.

Our first visit to Grand Lake will most assuredly not be our last!

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