Sunday, August 28, 2011

Mountain Lion Trail

I unexpectedly found myself with most of last Saturday to myself, so I grabbed my copy of 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles and looked for something I hadn't done yet. Mountain Lion Trail in Golden Gate Canyon State Park seemed like a good choice, so Ginny and I piled into the car about 9:30 and drove on out.

Wildflowers in bloom all along the trail, especially when you got a little higher and started following Deer Creek.

We kept up with a group of horseback riders for a while until the trail started going back and forth across the creek. They graciously let us pass then since the horses weren't always crazy about the choice between narrow footbridges and wet rocks.

I thought this was all that was left off some old stone structure at first, but upon closer inspection it seemed to be completely natural.

Pineywoods geranium.

Red-berried elder.

Ginny sits patiently while I regard an unexpected ascent with some annoyance.

Great view to the south towards Forgotten Valley.

Not sure if this was an elk or a deer, but foreleg meat must not be very good. That was about all that was left.

Seven miles was more than twice as long as the longest hike Ginny had previously done. She was one pooped pooch on the drive back home!

I was really impressed with the condition of the Visitor Center and the trail itself. We made a brisk pace and covered the distance in almost exactly three hours. I need to get back there and check out their other trails sometime!

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