Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Gianttrack Mountain

Our last morning in Estes Park I got up around 6:00 and headed out for an early morning hike. My goal was to get to the summit of Gianttrack Mountain behind the Romantic RiverSong Inn where Danelle and I were staying and back down by 8:30 for breakfast.

The early hour and overcast skies made the lighting tricky for pictures. But some striking shots presented themselves when the sun peeked through.

My nemesis, Long's Peak. It looks like another summer is going to pass without me making an attempt to climb it -- the fourth in a row since I first got the desire. I just can't seem to find a partner or group to go with, and I'm not interested in attempting the 15-mile trek by myself. Maybe next year!

The view towards Moraine Park in RMNP.

Looking down at the Big Thompson River during my descent. I didn't quite get to the summit, but I did work up a hearty appetite for breakfast!

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