Monday, May 9, 2011

Apex Park

Bonus entry! Tried something different today -- a "cardio hike" after work with the Denver Trail Heads at Apex Park in Golden.

We even got a little history lesson from the organizer, Deb Stanley, who told us a bit about the trail's origins. A penny per sheep doesn't really seem all that bad.

The sun was still shining pretty brightly when we started, and that combined with the group's fast pace caused me to work up a sweat quickly.

Nice feature of the trail -- mountain bikers are only allowed to go downhill every other day. Though we did see a few who defied the "strict enforcement."

We spotted a small herd of deer that I unfortunately wasn't able to get a very clear picture of. The shadows had grown longer, which didn't help.

We came back through the Enchanted Forest. Despite the disappointing absence of singing audio-animatronic elves it was still pretty cool.

Wildflowers were starting to bloom in certain sections. Again, the long shadows make it hard to appreciate just how vibrant they looked.

Some very fragrant trees flanked stretches of the trail as well.

We did the 5.5 miles and 1,000 feet of elevation gain in a very speedy 1:40. Hiking with a group of truly fit people is humbling -- I was generally near the back of the 20-person pack. While I'd like to blame that on stopping to take pictures, the simple fact is that these folks can haul. Still, it was great to squeeze in something like this on a workday, and hopefully good training for the upcoming Tough Mudder.

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