Thursday, August 19, 2010

Teton Range

Grand Teton is a National Park for one main reason -- the spectacular Teton Range. We stopped and took this shot at pretty much the first turnout we came to.

Our room at Signal Mountain Lodge was right on the shore of Jackson Lake, close to the site's marina.

The sunset on our first night offered the most color.

Mount Moran in the reddish glow of the setting sun.

The view from our raft trip down the Snake River, with Grand Teton in the center.

Clouds enshroud the summit of Grand Teton.

One of four official glaciers in the range.

A formation cleverly named "The Wall." Seriously. They couldn't have at least called it "The Grand Wall" or something?

The view from the summit of Signal Mountain.

A beautiful afternoon on our second day in the park.

The moon made a special appearance on our second night. One of the few times I wished I had a tripod so I could leave the shutter open a little longer.

A look at Teewinot from my hike up Cascade Canyon.

The range really is breathtaking. The severity and sheer height of the peaks -- some of them as much as 7,000 feet above Jackson Hole -- are a combination unlike anything else in the world. And fewer tourists helped give the park a slower pace than Yellowstone, ensuring our trip had a relaxing end and we didn't need a vacation from our vacation. :)

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